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Adventure Film Festival


The Bozeman Ice Festival is proud to announce a new partnership with the Adventure Film Festival. Join us Friday, December 9 and Saturday, December 10 in the beautiful Emerson Crawford Theater for an exciting lineup of adventure films.

Download our Program here!

As an international community of risk takers, provocateurs, artists, dreamers, athletes, activists…every year the international Adventure Film selection committee selects the very best and most inspirational films that cover risks both mighty and absurd; tap the fringes of the unknown; and portray those experiences that bring us to the edges of our seats with our hands over our eyes or our fists in the air. Adventure Film celebrates, supports and “ties in with” those who wish to inspire and fire the creative kilns of transformation and awareness. We believe in the power of the story, the narrative of adventure and awakening. We believe we have an opportunity and responsibility to challenge and change the world we live in.

Get ready to awaken your senses while exploring the beautiful mysteries of our universe through the craftsmanship of storytellers, artists, extreme athletes and adventurers. Here’s a taste of the action!

Friday Film Lineup

THE ACCORD (20:00 min)
Director: RC Cone
A poetic film about an Icelandic surfer, the challenges he faces at the hands of the personified, heavily-bearded North Atlantic wind, and his conviction that if you listen carefully, an understanding can be reached between nature and the pursuit of your passion.

EQUAL FOOTING (7:32 min)
Director: Daniel Holz, Eric Elofson, Kaare Iverson
Producer: Daniel Hol

Wyoming’s remote and vast wilderness provides the perfect canvas for Alpinists Kim Havell and Julia Heemstra to redefine preconception of the feminine. Isolated and exposed, their presence breathes life into this bleak yet breathtaking landscape as they navigate sheer granite walls and explore the fabric of experience.

POUMAKA (15:00 min)
Director: Andy Mann, Keith Ladzinski
Producer: Mike Libecki, Andy Mann, Keith Ladzinski

Jungle mayhem ahead: Angie Payne, a bouldering champion, joins climber Mike Libecki on an adventure that leaves the rest of the world behind. They aspire to make the  first ascent on the daunting south face of Poumaka Tower in French Polynesia, but they learn that the moments that build you up sometimes break you down first.

BEFORE IT FALLS (12:08 min)
Director: Simon Bischoff
Producer: Simon Bischoff, Mathew Farrell

Lee Cossey makes the first ground up ascent of the Ewbank route on Tasmania’s iconic Totem Pole.

HAYWIRE (14:29 min)
Director: Cheyne Lempe
Dave Allfrey and Cheyne Lempe experience the wild beauty of Baffin Island, and this is their story about a dream that goes haywire. A terrifying mishap results in the contemplation of life and the cost of adventure.

BIGG’S CRACK (6:31 min)
Director: Zak Griffler
Producer: Pete Takeda

600 feet in length and hidden deep in the southern Utah desert, Bigg’s Crack is an unusually continuous and uniform climb. For seven years, its first ascent has been a pursuit of Pete Takeda, that he quips as the “greatest unclimbed offwidth that no one’s heard of.” Until now.

Director: Sparkshop
Scott Bennett and Brad Gobright share their tactics as they chase the speed record on the Eldorado Canyon classic, The Naked Edge.

FLEDGLINGS (26:10 min)
Director : Cedar Wright
New hobbies that quickly become obsessions are not uncommon for residents of Boulder. Fledglings follows professional climbers Cedar Wright and Matt Segal and their foray into the sport of paragliding. Tree landings, sketchy winds, and junkshow launches become part of their new vernacular. After just six months, Wright and Segal embark on an ambitious mission: to climb and fly off of 18,491 foot peak, Orizaba.

Saturday Matinee Film Lineup

Director: Brendan Leonard, Stefan Hunt, Forest Woodward
Producer: Brendan Leonard, Forest Woodward, Joe Peters
To mark his 60th birthday, Ace Kvale sets out on a 60 day backpacking trip through the canyon- lands of Utah. Longtime friends come and go along the journey, but through it all is his steady companion and dog, Ghengis. The film offers an intimate view into their bond, and the landscape that inspires them both.

THE END OF SNOW (20:42 min)
Director: Morgan Heim
Producer: Day’s Edge Productions
What will the world be once winter has changed forever? Coloradan and tropical ecologist, Dr. Jane Zelikova, embarks
on an adventure to uncover the consequences of industry. Traversing mountains to meet with visionaries and friends, she searches for the story of snow, hoping that in discovering its past and present, we can draw a map of our future--even beyond its existence.

Director: Drew Warkentin
Finding the Cross is the story of a young man who wants to ski the infamous Mount of the Holy Cross. The more he tries, the further out of reach it becomes. Part adventure, part historical documentary, he realizes that in order to be successful; he must uncover the mysterious past of the mountain.

Directed and Produced by Jordan Manley
Skiing as sport is in its infancy in China, a phenomenon of the country’s rapidly growing middle class. As a means of survival however, it is thousands of years old, born out of necessity in the Altai mountains at the intersection of China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Siberia. Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots touch down into the rich past and dizzying future of these contrasting Chinese ski cultures. As one rapidly expands, they find the other is at risk of disappearing.

ECLIPSE (31:25 min)
Director: Anthony Bonello
Producer: Mike Douglas, Anthony Bonello
From the beginning it was an absurd idea: Travel to Svalbard, high above the Arctic Circle in the middle of winter, to try and capture a photo of a skier in front of a total solar eclipse. A cast of Salomon skiers including Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens, and Brody Leven follow photographer, Reuben Krabbe, into the frozen wilds, battling weather, climate change, and their own ambitions in a quest for a shot at a once-in-a-lifetime.

3:00pm – 30 minute intermission

Director/Producer: Vance Howard
On the final day of a wilderness rafting trip on the Yampa River, Colorado artist Sally White King prepares to return to civilization. But when a giant cottonwood tree crashes down near camp, she’s thrust into deep kinship with the dying tree and is given a rare moment to learn the possibility that both life – and death – are precious.

ELK RIVER (28 min)
Directors: Jenny Nichols & Joe Riis
Producer: Arthur Middleton
An echo of a thematically similar expedition in 1871, this short documentary takes an interdisciplinary look at elk migration through the eyes of scientist Arthur Middleton, artist James Prosek, and photojournalist Joe Riis. The three explorers track the movements of a herd over rangelands, snow- capped mountain passes, and through dangerous rivers on their journey to the high-alpine ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park, meeting individuals along the way whose lives are deeply intertwined with the fate of these majestic, migratory animals.

Director/Producer: Bryan Liptzin and Daniel Bull
30 years after their first visit, two American college friends return to an ancient Buddhist monastery high in the Himalayas to reconnect with their past, and witness a culture being thrust into the modern world as the first ever road to the monastery nears completion.

HOW TO CATCH A TIGER (10:04 min)
Director: Brant Backlund, Miguel Booth
With time running out, two filmmakers scramble to learn how to use an ultra high-speed camera and get to Far East Russia in time to catch a rare Siberian tiger the moment it’s released back to the wild.

ART OF RECOVERY (20:00 min)
Director/Producer: Jeremy Collins, Nick Greece
After Nepal’s earthquake of April 2015, a small band of accidental rescue workers went into the epicenter of the disaster for 56 days. Six months later, a paraglider, artist, and photographer follow the path of the rescue team in a unique way, using their particular talents to eventually raise money and bring hope to those most affected.

Director: James Q Martin and Chris Cresci
Producer: Alison Kelman
From 1968, when the film Mountain of Storms documented his trip from California to Patagonia, until his tragic death in 2015, Douglas Tompkins was a celebrated adventurer. He also gained world-renown for his success in branding companies such as The North Face and Esprit, as well as for his work in conservation through which he and his wife, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, protected 2.2 million acres of land. A Wild Legacy tells the story of the life, work, and adventures of this inspiring individual, and portrays the efforts of Kristine and the Tompkins Conservation team to continue his mission.

Saturday Night Film Lineup

THE SEARCH (10:52 min)

Directed by Thomas Huber
Produced and Edited by Timeline Productions
Journey to the beautiful Karakorum Mountains of Pakistan and the mysterious mountain of Biantha Brakk aka Ogre II in a touching recount of the search for two leading lights of American alpinism, Scott Adamason and Kyle Dempster who went missing on the north face in August.

ROAD TO KARAKOL (25:00 min)
Encore Tribute screening for Kyle Dempster
Duct Tape Then Beer Productions & Outdoor Research
In summer 2011, Kyle Dempster took off on his bike across Kyrgyzstan with a couple mostly-accurate maps, a trailer full of climbing gear, and a vocabulary of 10 Kyrgyz words. He spent two months pedaling and pushing the bike more than 1200 km on roads of variable states of neglect, wading through wild rivers, dealing with corrupt military checkpoint staff, and soloing a handful of unclimbed alpine rock and mixed routes. He recorded the journey, his camera his only partner, friend, and sometimes the only receiving end of his conversations for days at a time. In 2013, Kyle’s self-shot footage of his journey in Kyrgyzstan made it to the desk of filmmakers Fitz Cahall and Austin Siadak, who were asked to look at the footage and see if there might be enough to chop together a 4-minute climbing film. They saw a lot more potential in it, and turned it into the 25-minute “The Road From Karakol,” which debuted at the 5Point Film Festival and took home the Best In Fest award.

DESERT ICE (11:51 min)
Encore Tribute screening for Scott Adamson
3 Strings Pro Productions
Jesse Huey and Scott Adamson climb into the high-desert slot canyons of Southwest Utah; in search of what some are calling the best water-ice discovery in the last 20 years.

World Premiere
A film by Pete Takeda

The Côte-Nord (north shore) of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec Canada is a sprawling wilderness literally at the “end of the road” of a continent. Legends of massive columns of unique yellow ice have haunted ice climbers for decades but few have been determined enough to enter the last frontier of water ice in North America. Pete Takeda, Maarten van Haeren and Jasmin Fauteux journey to this mysterious land in search of first ascents.

MIXTRESS (25 min)
World Premiere
A film by Dawn Glanc and Anne Gibbs
Partially filmed at the Bozeman Ice Fest in 2015, this inspiring tale stars Kitty Calhoun, Jen Olsen, Dawn Glanc, Sarah Hueniken and Katie Bono. The film introduces the audience to the sport of mixed climbing and tells the story of its recent evolution through the eyes from some of the sports pioneers to best climbers in the world today.