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Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival
Hyalite Canyon, Montana

Didn't get into a clinic? Try a course with Montana Alpine Guides


Didn't get into a clinic? Try a course with Montana Alpine Guides

Kevin Dean

Montana Alpine Guides is the exclusive guide company for Hyalite Canyon ice climbing. During Ice Fest week they are offering 3 complementing courses to the clinics offered by BIF. If your clinic sold out consider one of these guided courses:

  1. Intro to Ice- Two-day Course

Our experienced ice climbing guides customize all ice climbing instruction to each individual’s climbing abilities and experience levels. I

  • ce climbing technique is our focal point and you will be learning from the pros then put the climbing lessons in to action.

  • Each day will be filled with continual feedback, instruction, and as much climbing as possible.

  • Participants will walk away from our 2-day Introduction to Ice Climbing course with a solid ice climbing foundation; including the safety, knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to enjoy the wild and wonderful sport of ice climbing.


2. Intro to Avalanches for Ice Climbers

9-hour Introduction to Avalanche Course is designed specifically for those traveling by foot (not with skis or snowmobiles) in avalanche terrain.  The field-course will focus specifically to ice climbers, the class room session will also apply to hunters, snowshoers, etc.   

  • Our course content follows guidelines outlined by The American Avalanche Association

  • Specific emphasis and additional focus on ice climbing specific dangers. 

  • In the field we will focus on making safe decisions on the fly in terrain and situations encountered by ice climbers where risks may be small isolated snow pockets in cliffy terrain or terrain thousands of feet above our climbing objectives.


3. Intro to Leading Ice

This course is for those who have experience climbing on ice and want to tap in to some of the techniques necessary for leading ice routes. Topics covered include:

  • Risk assessment

  • Ice Screw placements and removal, protection evaluation

  • Multi-point/multi-directional anchor construction

  • V-Threads

  • Fall factors and forces created

  • Technique and lead-climbing strategy

  • Lead belays and belaying from above

  • Equipment selection and use

4. Custom Hyalite Canyon Guided Climbs

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