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Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival
Hyalite Canyon, Montana


2019 New Clinics

Bozeman Ice Festival

Mountain Track:

MTN111: Intro to Mountain Travel

Winter travel in the mountains can be intimidating. Learn the basics from how to pack your pack for efficiency, terrain awareness, and self arrest skills. Learn More…

MTNWFA: Wilderness First Aid

What do you do when something goes wrong? Emergency preparedness is an important skill to have and this NOLS First Aid course will leave you better prepared to handle emergencies in the wilderness. Learn More…

Mixed Track:

MIX205: Beginner Mixed Climbing

An intro to mixed climbing, learn the basics and get hands on experience to learn the differences between mixed and ice climbing technique. Learn More…

MIX255: Mixed Climbing Technique

A half day deep dive on technique in the new Mountain Project mixed climbing cave. Learn and apply the techniques on plastic. Learn More…

MIX305: Intermediate/Advanced Mixed Climbing

Great for climbers who have experience mixed climbing but want additional help to master the craft. Learn technique for steeper routes and work routes with other climbers at a similar level. Learn More…

MIX405: Mixed Projecting

This advanced course is designed to help you progress to harder mixed routes. Learn the process of projecting and get after it on some hard Hyalite mixed climbs! Learn More…