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Grivel tools I have known. Episode 1

Joe Josephson

This year, 2018, Grivel celebrates its 200th year as a family run company out of Courmayeur in the Italian Alps. 200 years!! Happy Bicentennial Birthday Grivel.

I've was lucky to pick a pair of Grivel tools as the first new ice tools I ever bought back in 1988, (I always had second-hand used tools prior to that). Little did I know I was venturing into a journey that has largely defined my life and brought many a wonderful people, places and experiences.

Just this week, I received my latest set of Grivel masterpieces, the North Machine carbon ice tool. This is nearly 30 years after my first pair of Grivel tools arrived at my door.

Over the course of the next 10 months, I'll be posting a series looking back at some of the Grivel ice tools I've used, loved and lost over the years. These will be stories, and a few photos from the archives, about the ascents I've done with them, climbs I've failed on, lessons learned and a few observations of ice tools, climbing and life thrown in for good measure.

Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you as we barrel toward a big ole fashioned birthday party we are planning for Grivel at the 22nd Annual Bozeman Ice Festival, Dec 5-9., 2018. Enjoy!

Joe Josephson aka JoJo