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Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival
Hyalite Canyon, Montana



Hyalite Canyon Clinics

The Bozeman Ice Festival presented by Black Diamond holds full day clinics in Hyalite Canyon at the following areas: Genesis (G1 & G2 areas), Mummy 2, the Scepter, the Amphitheater, and Unnamed Wall areas. All clinics leave the Black Diamond Equipment Advanced Base Camp at the end of the road in Hyalite. Also offered is a special two-day self rescue seminar, our signature Leaving the Nest multi-pitch clinic presented by Camp/Cassin, and the Hyalite Beacon Park with the Friends of the Gallatin Avalanche Center. Clinics generally run from 9:00am to 3:00pm, daily.

Black Diamond Advanced Base Camp

After a big day of climbing in Hyalite be sure to swing by the Black Diamond Advanced Base Camp, located in the Grotto Falls parking area. There’s nothing like the camaraderie of other climbers and a hot drink in your hands to take the chill off after a day on the ice. Come in and warm up, have a hot drink, swap stories, talk gear, and celebrate another great day in the mountains. Support the road plowing with a special Bozeman Ice Fest coffee/toddy mug from Black Diamond, available only at the Advanced Base Camp.

General Information

On-ice clinics are the heart and soul of the Bozeman Ice Festival. Our clinics take place in beautiful Hyalite Canyon just a few miles from downtown Bozeman. One of the premier locations in America, Hyalite provides a unique wilderness experience in the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Our clinics are the perfect opportunity to safely gain experience and skills from the best in the business. Our full-day clinics are highly regarded for the opportunity for all participants to learn from and climb with professional guides, sponsored athletes, and climbing legends.

Since 2006, Bozeman has hosted the best women’s-only clinic in the country. Learn to climb like a girl, set up your own anchors, and blow away all the boys with your new-found skills. The women’s clinics are catered specifically to the way women learn and climb with an emphasis on camaraderie and hard core ice climbing in a supportive environment that is only intimidating to the men who are envious of your new techniques.

Clinic includes

Most full day clinics include all of the following: Demos of the best technical gear on the planet including boots, crampons, axes, harnesses, helmets and clothing (pick up the night before). 5+ hours of on-ice instruction by world-class climbers and guides, free admission to most of the BIF in-town events, raffle tickets for the industry's best gear giveaways, plus plenty of additional swag.

So why the limited numbers?

Despite 250+ routes within two miles of the parking lot, we work hard to keep the guide:student ratio low with plenty of opportunities to catch another lap and hang with your peers and heroes.

Registration information

Clinic Registration opens at 6:00 pm Mountain Time on October 1st. Scheduled instructors, clinic locations, and class size may change without notice due to conditions and weather. Clinic purchases are non-transferable.

What if i can't make it?

We have a new cancellation policy with a modest re-stocking fee for cancellations before November 20th. If you are unfortunate enough to get injured, get elected to Congress, go into witness protection, or decide surfing in Costa Rica is more your thing and you are not able to make it Bozeman for Ice Fest: no problem. We will partially refund your clinic purchase for a $50 re-stocking fee. After November 20th, all clinic sales are final. Note, clinics are non-transferable.