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Ice Climbing Alliance


Our Mission

Ice Climbing Alliance (ICA) is dedicated to promoting participation in climbing and mountaineering while preserving access and quality climbing experiences across America.

Our Objectives

The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be to lessen the burdens of government in maintaining public land access; advance education and safety in outdoor recreation; support special projects related to increasing responsible public participation in climbing and mountaineering.

These objectives and purposes are met through cooperation between federal and local government, donors, other non-governmental organizations, youth groups, volunteers, local and national businesses, and by accomplishing the following goals:

·      Organizing and operating the annual Bozeman Ice Festival® (BIF) based in Hyalite Canyon and under permit by Custer Gallatin National Forest;

·      Educating the general public about the skills and knowledge necessary for recreational opportunities, access and safety for climbing and mountaineering;

·      Introduce new participants to climbing ethics and their role as environmental stewards;

·      Support ice climbing guide certification through the American Mountain Guide Association;

·      Develop programming that makes the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of climbing more easily accessed by all;

·      Work with land managers/owners and other users to build cooperative management plans, and advocate for new and existing climbing areas.

Founders & Board of Directors
Joe Josephson, President
Scott Lawson, Vice President
Dirk Tyler, Treasurer

501c3 Status (pending)

990 Tax Returns: Our first fiscal year ends March 31, 2019.